​King and Kingship

Auteur: Pieter
Datum: 25-12-2013
In 2013 our nation got a new king and celebrated 200 years of kingship. When Jesus was born three kings attended and (because?) he was announced to be the Christ and futureking, even King of kings. Two months ago I addressed, in Pretoria, a conference of African tribal kings. That makes five times “king” in a short time.
While in our nation there are discussions on the relevance and on the “purely ceremonial” function of kingship, not so in Jesus’ time or in our time in Africa.
What is king and kingship? The core of it is: On God’s behalf a person rules a nation.
This sounds alien and dangerous, at least anti-democratic, in modern ears. Could such a concept be God’s idea? Yes. Even from the beginning and into the Realm of Peace.
Moses taught us that Man was created in the image of God, and that Man was destined to rule the earth. This truth, though, was known before Moses. Egyptian and other ancient kings claimed they were the image of god, and therefore entitled to rule. In other words: the divine truth was known, but the ruler applied it just to himself, lifting himself above his nation and his subjects. That is the core corruption of this divine truth.
In an earlier blog, “The Glory of Hierarchy”, I argue that hierarchy is not lick-up-and-kick-down, but worship-up-and-care-down. French Kings showed the utter corruption of kingship: “The state, that is me”, and tyrants enrich themselves and murder opponents and subjects alike. But what does the modern king Willem Alexander of The Netherlands say? “I am your king, to serve the nation”.
True hierarchy, godly rule, is caring for the subjects, caring and nothing but caring, representing God to the subjects, on God’s behalf ruling a nation.
Kingship is at a large scale what Fatherhood is at a small scale. See my previous blogs on fatherhood. Happily there are fathers who intuitively show an image of God to their children. God wants his children and his nations to be ruled by someone showing God to them.
Christ is a political term; it means: the elect, like in ‘president-elect’ between the election and the inauguration. Jesus was born the Christ, the coming king, to show, after six (?) millennia of one-world-government-efforts, that true kingship, in righteousness and with cultural diversity, is possible, even for a good thousand years.

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