Serving the Nations
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Serving the Nations
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To the ends of the earth

About us

SERVING THE NATIONS is a Holland-based internationally active ministry, focusing on the global Church and the nations of the world, in preparation of the harvest of nations.
Our mission statement:

"Serving the Nations by equipping their Churches to prepare their nations for the return of Christ"

In other words:
God consistently appeals to all nations to praise Him. He announces their judgment and how they can be redeemed .
How could the nations know, and be prepared?
God gives each nation a Church, to bring her people, state or city before God in intercession, to lead them to confession of national sins and to forgiveness, for their healing and transformation, and for their release to their destiny and to prepare the establishment of a covenant of each nation with God.
How could we contribute to such a great goal? Read more...


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